After an existential crisis, I've been on a spiritual journey. It led me to a deeper life of faith. So, I write.
My main areas are faith, devotions, and film. But I am eclectic.
I know what I know and know what I like. I like even love fantasy and would love to conjure some bizarre stories and I also want to write the more meaningful ones as well.
In 1992, The Writing School awarded me the Diploma of Writing. In college, I was first in history (Form Five) and in the top twenty percent of School Certificate students for art and English. In 1990, I won the O'Shea Shield Prize for Scripture Reading, achieved the certificate of the School of Evangelism in 1995 and in 1996 was awarded the certificate of biblical studies from the Bible College of New Zealand. Also written articles for Otago Daily Times, The Dominion, The Evening Post, Eco-Living and the Good News Paper.