Peter Veugelaers is a writer, reviewer, blogger, reader, movie and music aficionado and connoisseur, and has an eye on current events and sports. He has written articles about church life, faith, issues, and the intersection of faith and film for Challenge Weekly, Faces Magazine, Christian Herald, Church Times, Good News Paper, and Touchstone, reviewed films for GiveWay, Transmission, Daystar, Anglican Taonga, Faces Magazine, Crosslink, Entertainmentnutz, Kid’s Highway and Beliefnet, contributed features to The Dominion, The Evening Post, Eco-Living, and Otago Daily Times, and has been contributing devotions to The Secret Place, the Upper Room devotional, and Lifeway Ministries.
His writing blog is which is updated every week. Peter’s favourite book is the Bible in any version and reads Christian books, literature including children’s and adult, and film books. His most memorable movie is Amadeus. Musically, takes an interest in all sorts, but is more likely to listen to pop music, singer/songwriter, Christian music, and certain niche material, eschewing rock, and heavy metal generally. He was pinning his hopes on the All Whites getting into the Fifa World Cup, the Black Caps winning against England, and has been saddened and shocked by gun crimes in the United States. Covid-19 has not affected him directly but sees sticking to health and safety as a matter of survival. Resourceful, eclectic, and enthusiastic, he has won several accolades for cricket, public speaking, debating, and scripture reading.