Winelands, South Africa

A mother of two, a wife of one and a steward of a million dreams. I love to sing, I love to write, I love to read and I love to dance. I love to run, I love to travel, I love to learn history and I love to ride... Bicycles, horses and fast cars. This is mere touching at what the world has to offer...

Isn't life a joy ride! But nothing compares to the great honor and responsibility of caring for a child. This is my journey to becoming a mother, day by day, in the most possible natural way that I can manage at any given stage. Being a mother is almost like trying to be more and more like Jesus… its something you are striving for daily but you just never arrive! Every milestone in a child’s life is a new road on the existing journey of becoming a mother… come join me on my journey of raising a family in the most natural possible way that you can manage at the given time in your life… it's the time of our lives!

A path that started with infertility took me on a Natural Living journey, which took me on a crafty path with my twin toddlers. Spending time with them is my favorite hobby and that aligns so well with my love for art and crafts. Learning has become lots of fun in our house and I hope to keep it that way and share with you along the way.

I also teach three homeschool kids (my two nieces and nephew) crafts and entrepreneurship as a subject so a lot of what you see here is the result of our work. Enjoy!

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