I am a female young adult. I rant about things that bother me, rave about things that please me, and I wander all the time. My mind is always full of thoughts, ideas, lists, and emotions. I believe I should’ve been born in past generations instead of the one I’m in. I believe the world needs change. I have too much yet not enough time on my hands. I am honest, hardworking, trusting, and trustworthy. I’m empathetic, strong-willed, and caring. I don’t do well in big crowds of strangers. I learn more of who I am every day.

I was born and raised in California, although I don't feel like I'll stay here through my adulthood. I'm the middle of 5 children,ages 35, 26, 24, 23, and 9. I was lucky enough to be raised by a stay-at-home dad and a teacher for a mom. Most of the time, it just my older sister and younger brother at home (the closest in ages) and I was lucky enough to be raised that friends come and go, but sibling are forever. So far, it's proven to be true. My dad past when I was 9 years old; he was 43 and we both were too young. We talk about him all the time. After my my dad passed my mom started abusing drugs and "remarried" to another addict. Turns out he had some mental health troubles on top of the drug use. He was abusive to my mom and ended up committing suicide. We did a stint in the foster care system. My mom got the help she needed and we were returned to her after 18 months, by then I was 14. She's been doing great ever since. She was remarried to the man who is my little sister's father, and was my step-dad for 9 years. Unfortunately, he made poor choices (alcoholism, cheating, and then drug use) and they divorced. The divorce was a good thing.

That is the core of past that significantly influenced who I am today and the reason I have the logic, opinions, and maturity that I do. I defied the statistics of what I'd become, or not become. I'm not a drug addict or alcoholic, even though I do drink. I did not get pregnant at 16, or at all for that matter. I graduated high school, and I've attended some college. I am self-sufficient.

So here in the present, I'm living with my boyfriend of a year and half. I work part-time as an assistant manager at a shoe retail store. I'd like to go back to school to earn an accounting degree, I'm half way there for goodness sake! My two cats, Gustavo and Garfield, are my babies. I'm still very close to my siblings, and I have an amazing relationship with my mom.

I’m here to blog, to express my thoughts, ideas, lists, and emotions. I am blogging to benefit myself, but my blog is public because if I can make a positive change in someone’s life or help them because of something I write then it’s worth giving people that chance. I am also open to other peoples ideas and opinions so I wouldn’t be bothered and would appreciate comments and feedback.