Kyle Vandermolen

Wentzville, MO

Kyle Vandermolen is a proud father and husband who enjoys being out on the lake. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, cave diving, and searching for underwater shipwrecks. Mr. Vandermolen is a technical scuba diver who has been trained in the usage of rebreathers as well as a diving enthusiast.
Mr. Vandermolen enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with his family and friends. He can be found hiking, fishing, or hunting with friends and/or family on any given weekend.

Mr. Vandermolen also enjoys and prefers being near a grill, a cooktop, or an oven. Kyle enjoys cooking, grilling, and baking, so it's not uncommon for him and his family to treat guests with delicacies from a diverse variety of cultural dishes that he perfects.

Mr. Vandermolen's enjoyment for cooking appears to be based on the same theories and principles that he uses as a chemical engineer. When he tries a new recipe, he expects it to be delicious and enjoyable. Kyle, on the other hand, finds some of the same principles he learnt in university at work in his cooking, baking, and grilling.