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United States

Hello, My name is Kathleen Zagala

I am a professional web designer and front-end web developer with many years of professional experience in the design industry. One of my passions has been assisting others to learn Web Design, HTML, CSS, and XML for several years.

As the owner of Website Designing Plus, a web design and development company, which has built Web sites for small local businesses and has maintained thousands of pages on many sizes and styles of sites. Website Designing Plus specializes in corporate websites, small business websites, and personal Web pages and blogs.

I have worked with nearly every Web technology including XML, CMS, HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and Java. Long before computers became a viable tool for visual and graphical communications, I was hard at work mastering the basics. I was a programmer then a bookkeeper, these two skills make me a better web designer. With programming skilling I can code website back-ends to work for my clients. And because as a bookkeeper I understand that my customers are not just interested in a pretty picture, they are looking for results. And these results are generally measured in dollars. Having these skills and concepts help me produce better results for my clients.

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