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Hello! My name is Laraine. I am an author and moon cycle enthusiast living in southern Oregon. I spent many years in the Bay Area, so greetings especially to you if you live there now. Sometimes I think I truly left my heart in San Francisco. It's a cliche, I know, but so true.

I've had great good fortune to humbly travel to some sacred destinations around the world, to climb Machu Picchu in Peru, to visit medicine men in the jungles of Brasil, listen to the wisdom of the monks in India. Each one showed me a treasured teaching about myself.

I spent some time on the western slope of Colorado (the "other" side of the Rockies from the Denver Front Range). One highlight of that sojourn was digging sacred Osha roots atop a 12,000 foot mountain. I learned a lot that day about the spiritual connection between humans and plants. But, as beautiful as the red rocks and mountains are, I realized that I was thirsty for the trees and water. Circumstances led me to this beautiful area in southern Oregon that nourishes that thirst.

I formally studied energy work, herbal medicine and shamanic journeying in the Bay Area, and I thank all of my teachers there. All the while over several decades I've learned about the moon cycle and continue to be surprised by the human manifestations of the moon's influence. I am especially sensitive to the magnetic changes during each cycle, peaking, of course, at the Full Moon.

More and more people are becoming aware of their beautiful relationship with the moon cycle and lunar phases. I love to share what I know about the moon and hear about your story, too.

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To keep a balance between Moon and Sun, I released the Sunny Corners Simple Balloons Adult Coloring Book with basic designs for easy coloring. I very much enjoy playing with color each day.

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