Perth Western Australia

It's amazing how life can change in a has happened so many times in the 60 years of my life. Some were good some were bad but all made changes to my life...Again changes are happening through redundancy...I'm being challenged in so many ways every day...But life is good in so many ways, I have 2 great kids my son & daughter an outstanding son-in-law and the best grandson with the adding of a granddaughter as life went on, the best I could ask for, (love them all).
Do I believe in God? (i do) Do I believe life challenges set your direction in life (i do)
What do I do..I work with the homeless and youths that need a hand in life...I work with youths in sports..skills, development, strength, running, mental approach to their game. I'm a loner in so many ways...I'm going through depression in which I hold to myself...I study for my cert3 & cert4 in the youth community...I look in the mirror and don't like what I see (a beached whale on heat)...I really don't like where I am at the moment...Do I feel sorry for my self..No..Confused is the word...And why...So many questions...Instead of looking for the answers... It's time to change that..(my life)
I'm on MISSION to change my body, mind, finance, health, love, life...A long Rd ahead I understand that there will be days where I won't be sure, but there is only one person who can do it...ME... the first lesson of life.