Lare'va Lemorte

I've loved reading and creating art since I was 4 years old. As time carried me through life, I continued to find ways to incorporate my passion for art into everything I did.

Attended Academy of Art University : Majored in filmmaking and planning on finishing my last two semesters to receive my BA
Started doing music/band promotions in 2001

Volunteered at Victory Records in 2009

Besides supporting and promoting the arts, I am an activist for several causes. I can be perceived as an eclectic cocktail of philosophy, science,art and humanitarianism.

Personal Interests:
writing, music, painting, movies, science, dance, theatre, activism, the future of our society and our planet, reading, learning new delicious recipes ,gardening, history, nutrition, philosophy, and being a good role model for future generations.

Some of my favorite books include:
Memnoch the Devil-Anne Rice
Caught Screaming-Otep Shamaya
Gerald's Game-Stephen King
The Codex-Douglas Preston
Nightshade-John Saul