Texas (Land of Kill)

I'm a 49-year-old woman who does clerical work within the medical field (medical billing). I have an Associate of Arts degree (received in 2003). My main interests: doing support/activism work for the surviving family/friends of murder victims including writing about the issues/concerns of survivors in order to educate, etc. I have a piece in the book "Waking to Tears: Losing a Loved One to Violence". All of the pieces in the book are written by MVS (which stands for murder victim survivor). We MVS are the surviving family/friends of murder victims). I'm an MVS. Specifically, I'm what's called an "interfamily MVS". I came up with this term as I saw online and off it was needed for this category of MVS. I'm also very interested in political/human rights activism, Protestant Christianity (NOT the very popular "get rich", self-centered kind full of blasphemy, but the original kind where believers practice what they preach, always work to better themselves and help others as much as possible), breaking stereotypes, speaking up about/showing the power of the individual and small groups in order to fight the very popular cynical, "gloom and doom" mentality that the individual and/or small groups have no power to change anything, don't count, etc., and never giving into the very popular defeatist, cynical mentality that things can't be changed for the better (the "life isn't fair" defeatist thinking) and that most (if not all) people are no good and can't change for the better either. I have over 13 years alcohol free and am greatly interested in the issues of recovery from any kind of addiction and/or trauma. I practiced my own form of "free love" for a number of years and believe sex should be as free of literal cost as possible. I hate the "dating game rules" that many in society love and practice and still break those within my relationship with my boyfriend and in what I call sex only friendships. Ater a long break I'm back to practicing my own form of "free love". I've also discovered I'm what I call a "polyamory person", i.e., I've found out I can love more than 1 person at a time. I once thought polyamory would never be for me. I had too closed of a mind towards it. I'm glad I gave it a chance (as scary as it's been at times) as it's made my personal life the best it's ever been. I see now how the wonderful (gag) world system pushes literal fear and "gloom and doom" about even trying to love more than 1 person at a time (including even risking the possibility) but then also says lying, cheating and hiding (especially with sex) is OK. I love the standard in polyamory of NO lying, cheating and/or hiding EVER in regards to those you love. I also am starting to speak up for those who choose to be monogamous and are happy that are called ###*** like "prudes", "closed-minded", etc. The stereotyping and blanket statements in this area especially go on with religious fundamentalists. I've also "come out" in the past few years as bisexual and tell how I haven't been shunned/treated any different by the leadership at the church I go to (when I do go) and how this breaks the evil stereotypes about ALL or even most Protestant clergy automatically shun you, etc., when you're honest about your orientation. I'm very tired of the written/spoken persecution and unfair stereotyping of Christians (especially fundamentalists) and also Muslims and speak against it any chance I get. 1 of my new goals in life is to break the disgusting/false stereotypes and unfair blanket statements about women like me who help men sexually for no cost and also keep the cost of meeting up as low as possible. We're needed to help out the poor (including men who are on disability income) and men who don't want to see sex workers. These men are as deserving of sex as those with money. I've been reading up on other women who do this (past and present) and to find out I'm not alone has been a revelation. I'm not able to help a huge amount (due to working full-time), but am proud of the help I've given and currently give. While sex work isn't for me I'm for the decriminalization of it. I've also expanded my activism with MVS into this area as I've learned that there's a need and find it upsetting that there's those who think no one cares and/or have never cared about murdered sex workers. Some have always cared but there needs to be more of it. This is also part of my disappointment with the fact that interfamily MVS haven't gotten the amount of support they need over time also despite the fact that our cases make up at least 30% of all cases in the US. But, again, some have always cared, but there also needs to be specific support for us because we have some things to deal with that other MVS don't. Of course all groups of MVS count, but these are 2 groups that can use some more attention because of specific issues in their cases. I also love reading, being on the Internet, listening to music and watching cable TV shows with my boyfriend.