Laura Devlin

I was born in 1975.

My father was in the military and his ‘work’ led to some frightening events that involved us as we grew up. I am certain he has had CPTSD most his life. Family members, teachers and older pupils at schools I attended inflicted sexual and non-sexual physical or emotional abuse on me from the age of 4 years old until I left university. Thereafter I led a semi-homeless, often dangerous lifestyle. There were many angels along the way and I did manage to have a successful career in the end.

I married my husband in 2009 and we had our two children in 2011 and 2015.

I started therapy in 2012, 6 months after our daughter’s traumatic birth. This was following a series of, what I now know to be PTSD paralysis attacks, where I was barely breathing and physically frozen for hours at a time after being triggered – trapped inside my own body, not even able to move my eyes. Extremely frightening for me and my husband at the time. I had had these as a child, but these were put down to tantrums or bad behaviour for which I was beaten.

I have a formal diagnosis of ASD and CPTSD.

I continue to wade through life and process the past with the help of specialised therapists. One day I hope to leave the past behind…. let me rephrase that…. one day I hope the past will leave me in front.

We aim to live happily, hopefully ever after with lots and lots of LOVE in it.