Born in the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica, raised in the tranquil village of Petite Savanne is the lenient, charming Miss Guiste, born in a middle class home raised on what money can’t buy, instilled morale’s and respect brought on by parents. She considers herself blessed, being born in a family of talented people. Her father a natural folklore teller, a mother whose hands weaved tapestry, brothers who wrote books,painted,sewed their own clothes and founded their own radio station who was renowned back in the 90’s, moreover sisters who cooked better than any Italian chef, and who were also actors.
Laurna Guiste is a writer/poet by nature, discovered this talent at elementary school, further recognized by English teachers in high school. She has always had a wide imagination and finds fondness in creating characters, painting a picture with words. Gift laid dormant through her years in college though, and she gave prominence to more practical studies like business since writing in her country yielded no great benefits. This dream of becoming an author was to be buried but soon resurrected in the year 2014,with the aid of God and two other creative/ great minds the 7 Clique Movement group was founded.
Laurna also known as Laurns aim is to flow in writing change hearts and touch lives,encourage peeps especially young people and women to flow in their God given talent.God bless.

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