Quezon City, Philippines

1. BA Film
2. Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs because it tells all about the distinct but universal experiences of women in the most empowering way.
3. Short Term 12 by Destin Cretton because it tells the story of a group of kids who need help and the adults who give support to them that is told beautifully.
4. Greta Gerwig because she made the film Lady Bird and I love her as a filmmaker, and as a person.
5. Garden (Say it like dat) by SZA, or all the songs from her CNTRL album. Because I never get tired of listening to them, it's got honest lyrics, great rnb melody, and sza's soulful voice.
6. Instagram a photo and video sharing site, because I can see posts from some of my favorite photographers and artists.
7. Fried chicken with rice because it tastes good.
8. I like watching movies. They make me feel alive.