1. Course: BA Journalism
2. Favorite Book: “When China Rules the World”. By citing events from Chinese history and providing thought-provoking analysis of both economic and political trends, Martin Jacques, the author, justified how China will alter the future’s balance of global power and order.
3. Favorite Movie: “Parasite”, it is one of the most unpredictably well-executed tragicomedies. It gave a wonderful depiction of modern-day social hierarchies.
4. Favorite Media Practitioner: Maria Ressa, she truly lives by her journalistic values and mission despite the government’s administrative charges against her and Rappler.
5. Favorite Band: Ben&Ben, all of their songs felt very personal. The steady rhythm and calming harmony of every composition never cease to give me a familiar nostalgic feeling.
6. Favorite Internet Site: The Economist (economist.com), a London-based weekly online magazine covering global political, social, economic, and business news and opinions.
7. Favorite Meal: Thin-crust margherita pizza has always been my comfort food. It’s classic, simple, delicately baked, and tastes really good.
8. Hobbies: I enjoy engaging in different kinds of sports and traveling.