The Geezer of the Pack. Sox fan since ’71, when I got out of the Navy and came to Chicago for grad school and ended up working part-time for Sox radio network. Career: radio/TV reporter, anchor, commentator, talk show host; radio station owner/operator/DJ/salesman/producer/ad writer & voicer/engineer/janitor; retired; unretired to become newspaper editorial page/metro page columnist; retired (okay, fled dying industry), promising self never to become a blogger; unretired to become theatre marketer; retired; became blogger.
Greatest baseball claim to fame: lifetime .500 average vs. Bob Feller. (Okay, it was Bob, Jr., and we were teens, but the one hit won a game and Bob, Sr., was coaching his son’s team and signed my mitt after the game.)
Photo is of me telling apprentice that maybe the line should be, "to bunt or not to bunt"