Leisure Hovercraft

United Kingdom

Hov Pod hovercrafts are manufactured by Reaction International Ltd, Southampton, UK and our vehicles are built for fun, practical commercial, rescue activities and patrolling services. Innovative CAD design, CNC machining, and high density plastic (HDPE) hull fabrication methods translates into rapid production time to keep up with rising internationlafrom buyer of personal hovercraft, and guaranteed minimum delivery times.

The Hov Pod personal hovercraft design philosophy has attracted international acclaim - we currently produce more small hovercrafts than any other maker. Hov Pod hovercraft are simple simple to drive - and fun as well, built as thyey are with marine standard safety as the benchmark. These amphibious hovercraft let you just float over all flat surfaces, which means calm water, icy wastes, soft snow, sand ares, difficult mud, and grasslands. Hov Pod small hovercraft are very safe, rarely breakdown, really tough, and intended to make ownership easy for leisure and commercial users alike.

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