Break all the rules and get involved with media!!

Here's to my Media blog, follow my journey of all things creative...
So first things first, Me?
I'm on of those thrift shoppers, all things vintage and big fur coats (faux fur) of course.
Fashion is a big interest and all things that are a little different.
In terms of food? I'm not Vegan, quite the opposite. I love literally all types of food, again a big interest of mine, I just love food! Asian food is my weakness.
I really enjoy travelling and exploring new places, especially looking at quirky buildings. My camera is never too far away, making the most of being a tourist whenever i leave the house.
Lastly, MUSIC. Music is one of my biggest hobbies, i love literally any types of music old or new, and especially listening to new ideas. Absolutely could not be the same without it, and the people i have met through gigs and social networking! My interests lie with music and i aim to one day get into Music Video development!