My name is Melissa Letellier, Creator of LetlerFitâ„¢. I am a 21 year old dual degree college student graduating in spring 2015 with a bachelors degree in international relations and political science and minor in business. In addition, I am working toward a second degree in nutrition and dietetics.I have always had a passion for fitness. Growing up, my parents supported my participation in soccer, dance, gymnastics, and tae kwon do. Eventually, I decided to dedicate my time and focus solely on tae kwon do. I practiced for 13 years, earning my 4th degree black belt, 2 sparring state championship titles, and a bronze medal in sparring along the way.
When I started college in Fall of 2011 the academic time constraints did not allow me to continue my practice, but I was not satisfied leaving fitness out of my life. Subsequently, I began doing Crossfit and at home workouts. Now, I have been Cross-fitting for 2 years and absolutely love the sport and my favorite aspect is weight-lifting. My most impressive record is my back squat of 285 pounds at 5'6" weighing 155 pounds.