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Hello my name is Levi Baker from Elizabethtown Kentucky but I was born in Gary Indiana my Biggest acommpisments are I graduated from University of Phoenix Business Management / Marketing and Advertising my

My carreer started as a Marketing Director at Out back Steak House & , Red Lobster , & Olivie Garden . I did well in life I guess you can say I was sick of missing my daughter grow up . long stressful hours and no free time my two kids they are my pride and joy my daughter her name is Olivia she just graduated .My son his name Jordan he is 10, a little more about me

I am a Entrepenure in the MLM field guess you can say .I'm man of many hats but a master of none , you know how that goes right some of my hobbies are .Fishing, Camping, Horse Back Riding , any thing outdoors that is were you will find me.

I love attending concerts live traveling is the life I love but I have yet to live the United States but I will in due time. I am a sports fanatic my 3 favorite I watch when I get time I love wrestling , Football , & basket ball.

I am so busy I do not watch much Tv you see I can't be successful or help people change their lives if I am watching that idiot box sorta speak.

But life was not all peaches a roses for me like most of you I was working a Crappy 9-5 50+ week I was going no where I was basically heading to the 40/40 plan you know how that is right 40 Hours a week for 40 years of my life and retiring on 40 % of my income whobwsnts that life?

I spent 10 years in the corporate world o thought I was pretty secure for the buillding someone eels dream and missing my daughter growing up.

I,ve had plenty of restless nites worried how I would afford my monthly bills I call them residual bills caused no matter what if you do not pay them well you know the rest of story .

I was busted and discussed flat broke you that feeling rivmbing Peter to pay Paul I as so broke if I got robbed I would help them cause I would at least get a cut .
I had to find another way I had to keep my girlfriend happy.

You know the quickest way to loose someone like your girlfriend or wife left look at the check and it always being negative.

I mean fights over financial situations I will never forget the look on my daughters face when I couldn't afford to get her what she wanted for Christmas or her birthday"s

I have plenty of pitty parties so ways feeling less then a man till one day I will never forget November 16, 2015 two years exacally

I was on my way to work fighting traffic and almost late again for the I don't how many ever times I received a call I thought it was a bill collector so why not let it go voice mail right.

It happened to be one of my buddies I went to high school with he wanted to catch up we have not spoken two each other for a while.

He invited me out to dinner not having the money I almost declined he said to me I got a business opportunity you need to hear about by the way I will cover your dinner .

I am able to do that I can write it off as business expense me being negative I asked him what do I have to do and what do want from me he hesitated for second I thought he hung up. he said .

I do not want or need nothing from you but you have to hear about this new MLM opportunity I just started you have to hear about it. I asked him is that one of those pyramid schemes and With out taking a breath he said .

No , its not a get rich quick scheme but I wish it was have you ever tried to get rich slow and it was like time stopped that statement right there almost floored me that still being in my head still after two years later .

Well we had dinner and it went really well i
did my research and liked what heard o got involved I had nothing to loose right I was doing well until the owner of the company suddenly passed away at the ripe old age of 30, he had no will so the business could not be willed to no one.

My heart was broking again I since then I gave tried other companies because I knew it worked you just have to be with a Company that us structured well and a Company with a good commposation plan .

I had a little bit of success but I never mad more then $300 a month cause I was spending more money on inventory then I was making yeah you do the math.

Do I wen back to what I New best my Crappy 9-5 I was with that company for another 2 years until I was up late at night thinking about bills again right and that us only you rethink clearly and process your thoughts right so I am searching the internet looking for another way out the race.

I stumbled over this opportunity that changed my life and wind the clock forward tip today I am having done success with this company. You are I am finally free no longer do I gave to worry about bills, no do I have to worry about grocery shopping getting the second hand product cause that's the only thing you can afford.

No longer do I have to wonder were I am going to get money to get my daughter what she wants not needs don't get me wrong when I say that everybody needs bare minimal to survive right I am just saying I have more oppositions and that folks is satisfying.

I know you do not me , I am not a do called Guru I 'd rather be honest and play the game straight That is the only way to be since you only know me from reading this blog right .

Now less get down and have a real conversation are you tired of your Crappy 9-5 , are you sick of missing your kids go up. Is the babysitter more the parents then you it seems that sometimes don't

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired if having more money then the month trust me the feeling is well known and there no solution for your problems now I am not the bit a polition ok if you like are current Learder that is cool but since he has been in office he has not created any jobs.

That means cost of living is still going up inflation is at a all time high and you are getting more financial stress and. And getting less for more if you give there is a solution to your problems I have the vehicle you have the keys that car dies not move with two things one us gas the other is you .

So if you understand that you need spend money to make money if you understand that that you need to invest in yourself and invest in some what I call tools like a plumber he can get give bids all day about with out tools wlwhat is he ffixing nothing right I am not going to just leave a link here cause u would rather build trust that more important to me than your hard earned money.

I bet you never here that from a do called Guru i want to get to know me trust me so we can have a open relationship sorta speak so here's what you need to do comment below What you.Currently do for a living. Why you think you want to run a hi.e based business and if you are ready to take action just be honest and straight the point that's all I ask .

Now with that said as I am a busy person so I really do not have time for window shoppers so please be serious as I am we will get to know one another.before I share my link with you and I do not even get the money my coprate office does . I want you to trust me my integrity is very important to me it your integrity should be important to you also.


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