"Yung Pueblo literally means young people which always reminds me of something that I believe deeply, which is that humanity as a whole is very young, we have a lot of growing up to do, we are collectively still learning how to be kind to one another, how to clean up after ourselves, how to share, and how to not fight one another – things that I am hoping we will learn how to do well in the next 100 years"- Yung Pueblo
I have a passion for architecture, the Thirteenth Amendment, quantum physics, PS4, confidence, secure with my insecurities, 88GLAM, interior design, fasting, blood type diet(see values), my heros Future and Russell Wilson... Lol someone tell Neil deGrasse Tyson to measure my zinc photon explosions I create all over Seattle. Only Quantum mechanics can solve my equations... Looking forward to building a loving family unit here in PNW. Changing diapers and getting them to school with my beautiful soulmate ❤️All men should be as Brave as Harriett Tubman and as loving to a Woman. 713-835-1389

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