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I exposed racism, sexism, and audism in my novel...
I hope reading “Deaf Beneath” changes the hearts and minds of those who have the power to make a difference in education. If you are a lawmaker or an administrator, I hope these examples touch you. If you are a parent with a child still in school, I hope they enlighten you. If you care about the future of children in America, then I hope the plight of the children whose lives are detailed in this book reaches out to you. If we all act on the aforementioned issues proactively and efficiently, we shall see a huge improvement in overcoming these literacy crises among Deaf students within a generation or two.

Since the release of Deaf Beneath, I switched my line of focus from an in-person educational setting to a more remote digital setting. One of my cover designs and layout designs, for author Herb Borkland’s DOG$, helped make his novel a hot-seller in Europe. In addition to my latest cover design and layout design, "A Crime Not to Try" - this steamy novel helps ignite interest in the '60s among readers. Currently, I am assisting others, digitally. In my free time, I enjoy conversing with hearing people online … no one knows the person they’re talking to is deaf.

Currently building characters, working on documents (novel in the making) AND seeking #DeafTalent for:

1) A published play with Quentin-esque feel to it. Adult-themed, yet as comical and fast-paced as “Adam Ruins Everything” show.

2) Storyteller YouTube personality, Deaf/ASL Monologuity Actress with a heart for the deaf children.


PS Please don’t micro-aggress the deaf kids!

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