Paths Revealing a Deeper Spiritual Practice

Johnson City, New York State

I am a Christian woman walking out my Faith in the midst of life circumstances.

I have served in the roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, biblical instructor, counselor, speaker, lay minister, leadership development and mentor on the quest in discovering my Identity in Christ.

I seek to become a woman who is known by others as someone true, authentic, and genuine in all my interactions. My prayer is that my life remains open and honest before my God and also before others.

Above all, my highest passion is to Love the Lord my God, with All my Heart, All my Soul, and All my Mind, and my Neighbors as Myself.

It is my goal to surrender fully in Christ as an ever evolving Spiritual woman, maturing in Him, in all the moments He has given me to live.

Although I profess to not be perfected, I am Trusting God to continually work in me His perfecting Power and Grace that one day I may hear these words; "Well done my good and faithful servant."

I am coming to the realization, that in all of life, it is He that gives me the ability to stand in spite of the tattered pieces of my past, or the scattered rubble of my present, and it is in Him that all of my moments are reconciled in the Father.

The moments I have lived are not wasted as He uses all of them in building a Godly Character within me.

I am always reminded, it is His Holy Spirit that continually renews, stretches, lifts up, restores, gives vision, empowers, guides, teaches, imparts wisdom, and directs all that I am in the paths towards Righteous Living.

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