Living Intentionally

Johnson City, New York State

I am a Christian woman walking out my Faith in the midst of life circumstances, allowing the Spirit to weave Christ's tapestry of love within the tattered frame of my being.

Many of my writings are a result of responses I am having due to people raising issues they themselves are dealing with in regards to faith, life, past traumas, and I try to express these the best I know how using language.

Some of my posts stem from experiences I have grappled with and in sorting them out, I write words, trying to express my journey.

I find myself inspired by nature, art, culture, and engaging conversations.

My joy is most found in the outdoors where my heart is alive in viewing the different shades of green, the foliage in fall, the streams, falls, and rivers discovered among nature trails, majestic mountains, a spring rain, fresh cut grass, and in seeing the shapes and colors of clouds.

I enjoy reading, researching, wellness, gardening, long walks, meaningful discussions, engaging with others, hiking trails, scenic views, photography, creating healthy foods, brewing Kombucha, fermenting foods, canning, freezing, cooking, socializing, traveling, and many other adventures.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts, ideas, and reactions after reading my ponderings as I am most interested in engaging with others in meaningful discourse!

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