Hello! My name is Lujza but my friends call me Lujzinka. I'm a big dreamer, optimist & adventerer. I come from Bratislava where I currently live with my boyfriend & our dog Charley-french mastiff. I love to travel & exploring new places & lifestyles - I love urban lifestyle, sun & beautiful sandy beaches, italian atmosphere & food, gelato, dancing, dogs, New York & Cuba, art, cooking & baking and I'm a huge fashion lover. I am 28 years old and I
work as Sales manager at one international event company that organizes B2B events & I'm a law student. However I don't really see myself as a laywer one day I like it. I love to be the boss of my time one day - to run my own business & that's where the law will help me, or at least that's my plan :)