I am Christiana Stephen. I have a First class degree in Public Relations and Advertising, two MSCs in International Marketing and Brand Management (Merit), high distinction in consumer research. Currently a PhD research student looking into 'how Black African Women in London use luxury fashion brands to create identity. I'm a trial blazer, who loves exploring life and daring uncertain waters. I enjoy doing things people don't see as possible. I may not be the first in it but I thrive to be the best at it. Originally, I am a wife and a mother to 4 under 3 adorable kids. I do free lance photography, passionate about carrying out consumer research. So I work round the clock and praise be to God I am surviving. I look forward to giving insights on how research students survive especially mothers. Using myself as a case study, if you are interested kindly come onboard. I look forward to carrying out consumer research for companies, giving advice on how to create, nurture and possible ways to revitalise a dying or a dead brand. Contact me via email:
or via Instagram @SLEEKDEBRAND.
linkedin: Christiana Emmanuel-Stephen
Facebook: Sleek Angels Int'l

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