"About Me", that is a rather broad question, in my mind. I am probably over thinking this, but then, I guess that tells you something "about me".

I am a renaissance woman with a passion for adventure, history, literature, music, art, and food. I believe life is not meant to be plodded through, but seized by the horns and ridden for all it's worth. My philosophy in life is that there are always more answers than what appear on the answer sheet. In order to be who you are meant to be, you must constantly evolve, grow, and reach, embracing change. I have found that it is usually the things we don't do that we regret.

As to my particulars, at the moment, I live in Savannah, Georgia, with my husband, our dog, two cats, and one of my three children. However, this is only one chapter in my life and there are certain to be many changes as time moves on. Hopefully, next year this time I will be elsewhere. Where exactly has yet to be determined. I will let fate take a hand in that. If you care to continue following my blog, you will be able to come along. I hope you will.