Life with misbehaving mast cells

I've been ill since I was two with asthma and allergies. Over the course of my life there have been significant periods of escalation but I was never properly allergy tested, until it became obvious three years ago that I was also reacting to something in all the meds to treat the ever escalating asthma attacks. This turned out to be corn and salicylate in the meds, and just about anything I consumed, breathed in or touched. That realisation sent me on a journey of discovery as I worked out all the other co-morbid conditions that had been missed due to the treatment focus being purely on controlling the asthma and not why it was escalating all the time. It turns out I have mast cell activation syndrome, plus aura migraines with hyperosmia – an increased hypersensitivity to scent, multiple rare and common allergies and I'm hypermobile with Campodactlyly. There are no cures but it is possible to ease some of the symptoms associated with MCAS, even if you cannot tolerate most of the treatment options like me. Dr Afrin says 'find your triggers and avoid them'. I took that advice to heart and brought decades of asthma attacks to a halt in three months flat. I also significantly reduced the frequency of the allergy and MCAS reactions. However there are some triggers I can't avoid, particularly as scent containing my allergens is everywhere. I share my journey on my blog. Please note that I am not a medical specialist, if anything I write resonates then do speak to your doctor.