If you love lifestyle and humanitarian stories count yourself lucky because you've just landed home.
whether it's inspiration, advice,entertainment you looking for,or, you just want to be moved_ you are in the right place_ search no more.
I,ve written stories like 'embracing your true signature hair', visit it.
My stories have been shared on Instagram ,Facebook, twitter and You tube by many who love it.I'm currently in my fourth year in the university specializing in print journalism.
This isn't my first blog.I remember starting with a blog which I wrote everything.I mean from love story to matatu industry story to humanitarian story.All stories were jumbled up . I wasn't that organized.
I didn't had passion.But now that I've realized my true potential,passion has been born in this author.
Now I'm stopping at nothing to share stories I truly love.stories that dictates my true addiction. Because this is how it should have been.