Saoirse Coinsiasa


Saoirse Coinsiasa is a pseudonym, meaning Freedom of Conscience.

Part-time Starship Captain and fledgling feminist...
Writing about all sorts of things, often through the lens of Star Trek:

* Marriage and Parenting
* Home education,
* Health and mental health,
* Recovery from trauma and misdiagnosis
* Moving from vegetarian through paleo and back (to veganism) in one easy mid-life-crisis.
* Moving from city life to very rural Cornwall in one not-so-easy mid-life-crisis.
* Being addicted to: books, planners, pens, stationery, hats, scarves, shoes, twitter and facebook groups. :D
* Grief and loss (recurrent miscarriage and secondary infertility).
* Deconstruction from fundamentalist evangelical Christianity and Messianic Judaism
* Working towards a sane and healthy faith.
* Exploring first progressive, liberal Anglicanism and Celtic Christianity, then progressive streams of Judaism.
* Still a peculiar religious mixture, now with a healthy dose of scepticism.

A p.s.: Please don't confuse me with the lovely 'Christian Janeway', who is a buddy of mine, but she isn't, in fact, me.

We have lots in common, but Christian Janeway is the savvy young American, I am the middle-aged, awkward British ex-Christian version from a parallel universe! :D