Terisa Rock

United Kingdom

Mother to seven beautiful souls- three being dogs. i stumble along as best i can to get through every day attempting to smile more often than not.
i work full time and have little time for myself but to be fair the majority of the time i can't be bothered to go anywhere or do anything- this is called surviving. i am going to attempt to Thrive and offer insights and thoughts of actions to take to enable me and other women to progress over to the state of Thriving. My reality of this existence became clear through reading the amazing book called 'Women who run with the Wolves' this book has inspired me to Thrive- and i wish i had been recommended this book 30 years ago!! - although the course of my history would be very different had i read it- and more importantly taking notice, BUT with this the seven beautiful souls would not be with me - i therefore can not wish this.