Lisa T.

United States

I've published my first book, "Healer" and second book "Time is DNA". You can purchase ithem on Note my middle initial "K" when you search for my book to get the right one. I also have a short book and some booklets on sale on the "books for sale" tab.They are available as Kindle ebook and paperback.

I respond to Love and intelligence and ignore most else, watch no T.V., write, workout, and play the piano.

Jazz heals my emotions as does walking and working out. I'm single, have one college-age son, and no pets. I like to have fun but I don't need drugs (alcohol esp.) to do so. I'm a peaceful, sober person, intelligent, (multi-talented they say), and interested in every aspect of life and people. Candles and gentle people calm me. I have my own successful holistic healing practice where I practice Reiki, deep tissue manual therapy, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy. I've worked very hard to be professional and super skilled at what I do. I'm also a degreed singer, pianist, flutist, and composer.

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