North Carolina

Lisa Batten Kunkleman is the mother of twenty-year-old triplets and her original model, a married twenty-seven-year-old daughter. Lisa and her husband Dan, now second year empty-nesters, live on a farm tucked away near Charlotte, NC. Surprisingly, they still see their four college students on a pretty regular basis and are active parents burning up the road now. A former middle school counselor turned writer, Lisa is also a closet genealogist and preserver of stories, who looks for the humor in life. She spends a great deal of time letting her dogs in and out of the house. Lisa has collected stories throughout the years, from back before she developed stretch marks, to the present, when she's embracing age spots, gray hair, and wrinkles. Lisa hopes that her stories will provide entertainment, as well as information for folks in that situation called life. Lisa also hopes you enjoy this blog enough that you might consider recording your own day-to-day life. It's all life stories.