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Welcome to Lissa's Humane Life: My name is Chris. You can reach me at I will respond. After being placed on a US Government CIA-DOD DARPA (MILABS) Silicon Valley weapons, biological and highly advanced technologies testings program under PROJECT OAKTREE (LUCIFER), and after 1998 being placed into SKYNET AI, now SKYBORG AI (5G) with Drones, Cellphones & Cell Towers and Low lying Star-link Satellites experimented on as if my life is nothing, I went pubic only to learn how evil is so evil its hard to define that a country's pentagon could be so much so of evil, one who does not understand these things, can not define. I went up against the number one law firm in the US out of DC, Whiting, Taylor & Preston who defended Bethlehem Steel and Ship yard after they sent my husband to his death. It was horrendous. The head shock trauma MD kept him a live on a one percent chance of life refusing to turn him off for 4 horridly sad days. My husband George Krabal was left on the jobsite blown in half, still talking. Rather than face me in court after they killed my husband, OSHA proved 99%-- and 100% Judge proven, my husband was sent to his death to save a little bit of money; slaughter-murdered on a JP Morgan owned Bethlehem Steel/Ship Yard (Military Industrial Complex) as the New World Order Globalists Banker's via Wall Street's was well underway, unknown to me at that time, after they did 911. As I researched what was happening to me, I would be attacked more horrifically by their SKYNET/SKYBORG A.I. and drones, cell towers and low lying Starlink satellites; I'd watch the US go down into a tyrannical authoritarian environment. I'm here to warn others, find solutions, and expose horrific crimes committed against myself and others, and any other stories I find pertinent to the loss of our Constitutional Bill of Rights -- human rights be damned --

I am warning as many as possible of the horrendous crimes committed against American's, not just myself, done for the so called elite power structures who run Wall Street / Federal Reserve, the intelligence agencies, the corporate and military, all joined to survive the passing of the planet x system for the likes of Rothschild's Rockefeller Morgan's, Bilderburg Group, CFR/Trilateral Black Nobility top pyramid lines.

According to whistleblower's, private security firms, and the CIA NSA Dept. of Defense, namely DARPA MIT IARPA (Google Youtube Twitter) are heavily involved for the Meta Genome Project that would only benefit the upper elite.

Recent exposure by Dr. Robert Duncan, former insider CIA Scientist, naming who's behind the actual destruction of our lives, torturing us to slow death (S.A.T.A.N.) for silent assassination. They're testing space based weapons, chemtrail biological weapons and highly advanced technologies they've also weaponized on myself and many others. Reference: The 2001/2002 SPACE PRESERVATION ACT submitted to cease these weapons, to no avail. The Dept. of Defense and CIA have couped the US Government (Ref. former Senator Ron Paul) and the assassination of JFK, by the CIA who were and are NAZIs.

My bio begins... I'm an Historic Preservationist, a US Historian raised by an ace in the research area. I learned for decades. She taught me all she knows. Returned to college after my husband was killed achieving Phi Theta Kappa and Dean's and Honors three years in a row earning countless Scholarships; attended various colleges; growing up, I attended and am a Peabody Conservatory grad-trained, known at one time as a Pianist and Violinist.

I married my childhood best -friend George, who was murdered by Bethlehem Steel Ship & Steel yard, owned by Wall Street BUSH CABAL Rothschild's arm to JP MORGAN whom I learned was protected and who came after me placing me into a violent weapons and technologies and biological warfare testings on civilians. I witnessed my own lawyer, Jay D MILLER of Towson, MD with the opposing side, Whiting, Taylor and Preston out of DC (1 of the top 10 in the US) place me on this horrendous list (rather than face me in court)) as my chances of being awarded by these rotten Billionaires was 100% it was not his fault; I'd learn an agenda was going on to cull the population and our country was coup'ed by the NAZI Khazarian Zionist Wall Street DC Banksters (CIA NSA Dept of Defense, also known as the Military Industrial Complex) Eisenhower and JFK warned us of.. later joined by DARPA and MIT (went out of their way to show me) under the HDS (created after they participated in the 911 attacks) WHERE WAS NORAD AND NORTHCOM; In part under CHENEY.

All under the Pentagon, no longer a friend to the US Citizens after stealing 60+ Trillion (and 21 Trillion in pensions) of all US Citizens and infiltrating our once Democratic-Republic of the United States Government with a stand in place Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as Human Rights, the US has become a NATION OF TRAITORS to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They're' a beacon of slaughter bots, chatter bots, killer nanotech & nanites and drones overhead of every American's home shooting violently down at those that they deem either a threat to their finances and power politically barreling down the highway to hell, namely their enslavement of every man, woman, and children -- world domination.

I vow from what they've done to me (horrid things) as I'm still standing as a META-GENE on this earth, to empower any and all to STAND UP ON YOUR FEET, get off your knees and be a beacon of HOPE and ENLIGHTENMENT.

They're main weapon is a highly advanced artificial intelligence super AI computer that is autonomous, placing all of under CYBERNETIC WARFARE, releasing overhead as mentioned above, over 30,000 or more violent ready to attack any human being with DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS and 5G (they're using it at least since 2009) when all hell in a fake Sentient Worldwide synthetic/silicon based Simulation was dropped down on humanity. I witnessed the alter in the timeline, and the Deja Vu realizing they altered my timeline of life as a child and continue to -

I walk in the truth as they've released onto the public that AI over 50 years ago, as their middle man weapon to rob any and all blind taking people over in a PROJECT SOUL CATCHER -- the SECRETS OF CYBERNETIC WARFARE (by Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA DARPA Scientist) who whistle-blew telling all that's been done to me and countless others----

The Weaponized AI (cubic/quantum) super computers (Utah & Belgium home of the Beast System) all for full spectrum of dominance with 5G shooting down from SATELLITES (WARNING ALERT TO THE PUBLIC.

Various whistleblowers from the DUMBS known as fellow Super Soldiers (Thank God I was recused off Ft Holabird military base) or I would had lived a life of torturous hell, are WARNING HUMANITY of the powers that should not be, a plan to ANNIHILATE ALL OF YOU in a TRANSHUMAN PANDEMIC: Sub Humanity's Messiah (AI) and Humanity's DEMISE by AARON MCCOLLUM, AUG TELLEZ, MAX SPIERS, JAMES CASBALT, SOVEREIGN KI (Lauda Leon & George Leon) ROBERT DUNCAN O'FINION (I've spoke with several of the aforementioned) they are legit, all worked in the PROJECTS in the DUMBS and are ALERTING the public to our PLANNED DEMISE --


I'm here to expose horrifically violent experimentation currently under enactment declaring a war on those who came after them for serious illegal activities in finance and politics as Whistleblowers, Activist, Dissenters, the Disabled and META GENOME (META MECCA GENES) DNA related, horrific attacks (NANOTECH, DRONES, SATELLITES, CELL TOWERS & YES YOUR CELLPHONES.. get rid of them now -- they're being used to CONTROL YOU for your DEMISE) using DOPAMINE and FREQUENCIES to your BRAIN -- these are NEURON-WEAPONS (DUNCAN, DR. and others) as well as random for statistics.

Their using DRONES, done on massive amounts of Americans, self-included (Sheriff Confirmed & I have at least 5 Detectives whom know in E NC, 2 in Florida, at least 2 to 3 including an attorney in Maryland and a state Senator), all came after me via the NSA DARPA w/BOTS, chased me out of my home with the AIR FORCE GOODBYE WEAPONS as the CIA COUP'D'TAT the US GOVERNMENT and Dept. of Defense (MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX) Eisenhower warned of, later JFK whom they ASSASSINATED.

For more information, see whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist.

After my husband was blown in half on the property belonging to WALL STREET (CIA NAZI & ROTHSCHILD agents INFILTRATED) JPMorgan / Rothschild Bush's/Bower Bethlehem Steel/Ship yard site, they hired one of the top ten law firms in the country out of Wash DC to take me on, as it was their fault 99-`100% OSHA proven. They along with my own lawyer (I am a witness to this) placed me into a violent experimentation with Satellite UAVs and Cell Towers and bio-weapons programs. I'm now suffering from biological Radiation CELL TOWER & CHEMTRAIL sickness from this NWO highly VIOLENT AND VICIOUS, ILLEGALLY IM PLACE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT FBI CIA-NSA-DARPA Military Medical Scientific Industrial Complex.

If you do not stand up for your rights, throw away the weapon of their choice to control your mind and later your demise, that CELLPHONE we will become a PRISON PLANET. Please,We're Loosing our freedoms fast to these bastards. -- Lissa

Reference --
The Matrix Deciphers, by Dr. Robert Duncan at,
Project: Soul Catcher
James Casbalt's Agent Buried Alive
George and lauda Leon sovereign Ki
Max Spears
Robert Duncan O'Finion
Russ Tice
Thomas Drake
William Binney
Julianne Assange
The Intercept (drone and info whistleblowers) unsung hero's

Lissa HumaneLife

One day I was a semi-wealthy widow with a beautiful home, a future, headed for a college degree and successful business and money in the bank. The next day I was hunted, chased and followed (surveilled) at my bank, my life was literally under siege. I began following some of those who'd followed me to my home (and everywhere I went) including dark vans, dark suv's that sat outside my home revving motors if I stepped outside (taking out IE the trash).

A smear campaign directed at me was underway, that included college and childhood friends, colleagues and friends who helped me prior including neighbors whom I felt comfortable enough to enjoy a cup of coffee with and Christmas and casual dinners, but after almost eight years of a highly litigated law suit against (military industrial complex) Bethlehem Steel that took me into four years of Wall Street (held up in a nuts and bolts Bankruptcy case I didn't belong on) -- myself and late husband's names we're the only humans on a list of a dozen or more named firms). I was up against one of the top ten law firms in the United States, out of Washington, D.C., Whiting, Taylor and Preston, after Bethlehem Steel's first law firm quit stating they couldn't do to me what they we're being told to do to me and live with themselves and remain in good conscious.

Every lawyer I had was compromised. The last lawyer I hired, Jay D Miller of then Towson, Maryland, I'd witnessed him as he sat at a large conference table with lawyers the opposing side, Whiting Taylor and Preston, on the sixteenth floor of a skyscraper the firm owned, facing Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and knowing that they had a Judge ruling in their possession that proved my late husband was ZERO percent accountable for his own death, and on my end I had OSHA behind me, after a six and half week of twenty-four seven investigations that proved their client Bethlehem Steel was ninty-nine percent guilty of killing my husband, and as I watched thru the glass from the room next door, I not only visually but could hear word for word the lawyers for the other side tell my attorney Jay D Miller that if he allowed them to have me 'destroyed' he'd never have to look behind his back again... that his client.. me, would 'be destroyed. ' These events mirror what happened next and related directly with what had happened to me two weeks prior and over the course of those seven and half years.
I was and am constantly attacked with cellphones and cell towers and satellites, constantly Orwellian surveilled by AI SKYNET (an Ballistic missile defense system). My pension taken to the Cayman Islands well documented and proven from the Stevedore's attorney whom told me to go to the Caymen Islands and look at any yacht or Condo and that's where I'd find my husband and now my pension worth 1900.00 a month for life. He was fully vested in and paid in for every hour he worked and he worked hard. For many years to follow, the CIA and Dept. of Defense chased me down.

I and my elderly Aunt, whom at the time was helping me, lived with serious physical harassment and surveillance at the hands of so called young men who'd knock on her door while she was at work to harass and terrorize me, satellites constantly following me, phone calls day and night that we're done in a manner to further the fright and terror and to let me know mostly unseen, dark forces from the United State government we're not forgetting me anytime soon. Events such as phone calls coming in that we're Orwellian in nature from Washington, DC began, with a house taken over behind me from two young males, and my Internet hacked before my eyes as unknowns began stealing my documented proof off my computer that I'd just found that proved my own attorney (Jay D Miller) and the opposing attorney (Dale Garbutt) had a dinner meeting at Ocean City, Maryland's Convention center that prior weekend whereas they gave Miller the number two position in Maryland over all lawyers, including college law students; my home and car was broken into, which later I found was a CIA DOD big male.
In all, almost every break-ins was to steal my documented proof. Then the constant surveilling, both on the road and when trying to shop we're a constant. Some call this gang or organized stalking whereas I call it for what it is -- surveillance by a government that had been obviously infiltrated by those who ruled by terrorizing their citizen civilians, and didn't have a thought of compassion for women whatsoever and whomever these groups we're I knew one thing: Electronic or some type of attack would strike my car while others zoomed by. The angles we're wrong. It could not had been coming from anywhere but the sky, yet the system is set up to make one think its coming from buildings, sheds, others cars and home. These type of weapons we're from the sky and as I paid attention to the night skies, I could see satellites.

I'd later learn the US Government (CIA DOD) practiced plausible deniability. It never worked with me. They we're coming off military bases and Washington D.C. in the beginning, and later other military bases and using what seemed to be the poor. I did have one homeland security cop who was paid off by Bethlehem Steel's law firm contractors (See: Shadowgate). During the constant break ins stealing all papers and documents proving all of this we're taken, while poisoning of myself, my elderly Aunt, and killing off my pets one by one [the love of my life] and taking over relatives, and everyone else with some form of dark energy controlled by dark technologies was being used I just didn't have time during that period to get on the Internet and perform research.

House guests were followed, as well as friends, colleagues, as well as neighbors and family. Strangers were enlisted and warned to not associate with me and participate in the harassment which was long past levels of bizarre... Orwellian, and worse. This fast became commonplace. Hands down most we're male. I"m a five foot two lady, alone in the world. [59] My elderly Aunt four foot seven, if that.

My husband did everything for the two of us and Bethlehem Steel kill him and the US government knew it. Yet, who would surmise or even in one's wildest Orwellian guess even consider that all roads led to getting me out of state, far from my home and Aunt, and begin hardcore weapons and technologies and biological warfare testings. All roads led to the NAZIs and KHAZARIAN Wall Street mobs who we're brought in under Project Paperclip during WWII. American Scientists willfully joined in, as did others like Henry Ford, and before long American was taken over, infiltrated and like the last presiding leader we had, John F. Kennedy, whom that assassinated in an occult like manner as he had signed 1111 which clearly stated America was taking back its financial power away from the Swiss Investors, the Swiss Bankers (Rothchild, Rockefeller, etc) and shredding the NAZI CIA into a thousand pieces thrown into the wind for good. Eisenhower warned as did JFK. What happened behind the scenes will never know of, but those of us who went up against them during the inside job of 911 era, when money was being stolen by the 10s of trillions for the continuation of the construction of Deep underground military bases (DUMBS) for their own survival of what they knew was coming (since infiltrating) something they we're not sharing with those paying for their own demise unwittringly and unknowingly, the American people, and that is the return of the planetary system Planet X / Nibiru also called the Frightener (by the Egyptians) and planets of the crossing, and many other names that causes catastrophic events on earth and destroys most all living things.

If one was to find Katherine Austin Fitts who was in charge of HUD, she went up against the those in DC of money and power (that belongs to you and I), you'll learn as she did that they stole 22 trillion in pensions and 60 trillion plus from all Americans.

I'll never know h ow much they stole from me built their mission was to prevent me from every seeing the light of day inside a courtroom as had I done so, God knows how much I would had been awarded. I came close to hiring another law firm in Annapolis when on a Friday suddenly I was chased down even worse outside my home and without warning.. it was a secret weapon (not the various vehicles circling outside my home at the intersection) rather SKYNET Artificial Intelligence, used by the NAZI CIA NSA, Khazarian mob's military and dept. of defense.

We're all in trouble and need to fast find places to try to survive. We allowed them to pass the most illegal acts against our own Constitution and well being and survival, the Patriot Acts. The term patriot is Orwellian. Look it up. Its a twisted play on words. Get rid of the cellphones. Its to keep you looking down and occupied so you don't try to survive.

Lissa Humanelife

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