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Welcome -- from Chris aka Huggybear: My bio begins... I'm an Historic Preservationist, a US Historian raised by an ace in the research area. I learned for decades. She taught me all she knows. Returned to college after my husband was killed achieving Phi Theta Kappa and Dean's and Honors three years in a row earning countless Scholarships; attended various colleges; growing up, I attended and am a Peabody Conservatory grad-trained, known at one time as a Pianist and Violinist.

I married my childhood best -friend George, who was murdered by Bethlehem Steel Ship & Steel yard, owned vby Wall Street BUSH CABAL Rothschilds arm to JP MORGAN whom I learned was protected and who came after me placing me into a violent weapons and technologies and biological warfare testings on civilians. I witnessed my own lawyer, Jay D MILLER of Towson, MD with the opposing side, Whiting, Taylor and Preston out of DC (1 of the top 10 in the US) place me on this horrendous list (rather than face me in court)) as my chances of being awarded by these rotten Billionaires was 100% it was not his fault; I'd learn an agenda was going on to cull the population and our country was coup'ed by the NAZI Khazarian Zionist Wall Street DC Banksters (CIA NSA Dept of Defense, also known as the Military Industrial Complex) Eisenhower and JFK warned us of.. later joined by DARPA and MIT (went out of their way to show me) under the HDS (created after they participated in the 911 attacks) WHERE WAS NORAD AND NORTHCOM? Part of it under CHENEY; where was the local enforcement? In on it (not all of them --

I know) where was Intel? In on it. Not all of them. All under the Pentagon, no longer a friend to the US Citizens after stealing 60+ Trillion (and 21 Trillion in pensions) of all US CItizens and infiltrating our once Democratic-Republic of the United States Government with a stand in place Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as Human Rights, the US has become a NATION OF TRAITORS to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They're'a beacon of slaughter bots, chatter bots, killer nanotech & nanites and drones overhead of every American's home shooting violetly down at those that they deem either a threat to their finances and power politically barreling down the highway to hell, namely their enslavement of every man, woman, and children -- world domination.

I vow from what they've done to me (horrid things) as I'm still standing as a META-GENE on this earth, to empower any and all to STAND UP ON YOUR FEET, get off your knees and be a beacon of HOPE and ENLIGHTENMENT.

They're main weapon is a highly advanced artificial intelligence super AI computer that is autonomous, placing all of under CYBERNETIC WARFARE, releasing overhead as mentioned above, over 30,000 or more violent ready to attack any human being with DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS and 5G (they're using it at least since 2009) when all hell in a fake Sentient Worldwide synthetic/silicon based Simulation was dropped down on humanity. I witnessed the alter in the timeline, and the Deja Vu realizing they altered my timeline of life as a child and continue to -

I walk in the truth as they've released onto the public that AI over 50 years ago, as their middle man weapon to rob any and all blind taking people over in a PROJECT SOUL CATCHER -- the SECRETS OF CYBERNETIC WARFARE (by Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA DARPA Scientist) who whistleblew telling all that's been done to me and countless others----

The Weaponzied AI (cubic/quantum) super computers (Utah & Belgium home of the Beast System) all for full spectrum of dominance with 5G shooting down from SATELLITES (WARNING ALERT TO THE PUBLIC.

Various whistleblowers from the DUMBS known as fellow Super Soldiers (Thank God I was recused off Ft Holabird military base) or I would had lived a life of torturous hell, are WARNING HUMANITY of the powers that should not be's plan to ANNIHILATE ALL OF YOU in a TRANSHUMAN PANDEMIC: Sub Humanity's Messiah (AI) and Humanity's DEMISE by AARON MCCOLLUM, AUG TELLEZ, MAX SPIERS, JAMES CASBALT, SOVEREIGN KI (Lauda Leon & George Leon) ROBERT DUNCAN O'FINION (I've spoke with several of the aforementioned) they are legit, all worked in the PROJECTS in the DUMBS and are ALERTING the public to our PLANNED DEMISE --


I'm here to expose horrifically violent experimentation currently under enactment declaring a war on those who came after them for serious illegal activities in finance and politics as Whistleblowers, Activist, Dissenters, the Disabled and META GENOME (META MECCA GENES) DNA related, horrific attacks (NANOTECH, DRONES, SATELLITES, CELL TOWERS & YES YOUR CELLPHONES.. get rid of them now -- they're being used to CONTROL YOU for your DEMISE) using DOPAMINE and FREQUENCIES to your BRAIN -- these are NEURON-WEAPONS (DUNCAN, DR. and others) as well as random for statistics.

Their using DRONES, done on massive amounts of Americans, self-included (Sheriff Confirmed & I have at least 5 Detectives whom know in E NC, 2 in Florida, at least 2 to 3 including an attorney in Maryland and a state Senator), all came after me via the NSA DARPA w/BOTS, chased me out of my home with the AIR FORCE GOODBYE WEAPONS as the CIA COUP'D'TAT the US GOVERNMENT and Dept. of Defense (MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX) Eisenhower warned of, later JFK whom they ASSASSINATED.

For more information, see whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist.

After my husband was blown in half on the property belonging to WALL STREET (CIA NAZI & ROTHSCHILD agents INFILTRATED) JPMorgan / Rothschild Bush's/Bower Bethlehem Steel/Ship yard site, they hired one of the top ten law firms in the country out of Wash DC to take me on, as it was their fault 99-`100% OSHA proven. They along with my own lawyer (I am a witness to this) placed me into a violent experimentation with Satellite UAVs and Cell Towers and bio-weapons programs. I'm now suffering from biological Radiation CELL TOWER & CHEMTRAIL sickness from this NWO highly VIOLENT AND VICIOUS, ILLEGALLY IM PLACE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT FBI CIA-NSA-DARPA Military Medical Scientific Industrial Complex.
If you do not stand up for your rights, throw away the weapon of their choice to control your mind and later your demise, that CELLPHONE we will become a PRISON PLANET. Please,We're Loosing our freedoms fast to these bastards. -- Lissa

Reference --
The Matrix Deciphers, by Dr. Robert Duncan at,
Project: Soul Catcher
James Casbalt's Agent Buried Alive
George and lauda Leon sovereign Ki
Max Spears
Robert Duncan O'Finion
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The Intercept (drone and info whistleblowers) unsung hero's

Major and massive earth and weather changes have become “new normal” for Earth, since Planet X (Nibiru) entered our part of the solar system in 2003. The end result will be a catastrophic pole shift, one that reoccurs every 3,657 years (give or take a year or two) with the re-appearance of Planet X (Nibiru).

Believe or don’t believe. Prepare or don’t prepare. We all have free will, and the choice is yours.

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