Jordan is a twenty-four-year-old creative writing graduate, Master's Student, and speculative fiction writer from Telford, Shropshire.

When he isn’t penning instant classics (he wishes) and standing on tables screaming ‘look at me!’ Jordan studies a master’s degree in publishing at the University of Derby, speaks as one part of the podcast quartet Verbal Discharge, and tries desperately to keep himself from drowning in a sea of books that he spends far too much money on.

Jordan began writing at the age of five when he and his mother created a tinfoil bound seven-page novel in which a duck swims over a waterfall and dies. Since then he has not stopped writing. Jordan is pleased to report significantly fewer waterfowl fatalities in his more recent works and instead hopes to explore the dark side of the human condition through speculative fiction.

His favourite writers/influencers include, but are not limited to: China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Mark Haddon, and Derek Landy.

Here on this website, you can read some of his fiction, poetry, and other little tidbits of creative writings, as well as anything that he is working on in the real world.