Kansas City metro area

I'm a conservative Christian, frugal (to a fault!) wife and mom of soon to be 5 who seeks to find the funny in life, especially when not going right. I've learned a lot of things the last few years that I wish someone would've shared with me sooner, so I'm going to try to share them here. My goal with this blog is to humor, sometimes educate, but above all to be honest.

The deeper backstory: I got married 2013 after 10 years single raising my 9 year old. I prayed for a good man for a long time, and God didn't disappoint. A whirlwind months after first speaking online via Plenty of Fish we married and this year were blessed with another long term prayer: another child. I homeschool my oldest, and plan to any others as well. I cloth diaper, I recycle heavily, make our dinners from scratch most the time, and have dabbled in making my own laundry soap, kefir soda, compost, bread (I made all our sandwich bread for 3 years) very DIY around here. I lean towards the natural side of things but try to strike a balance. I'm loving being a wife and can't wait to see what the future brings.