I love to laugh, smile and have fun. I love talking but I generally talk about silly stuff. I'm married and have been for the past 24 years to the same man who is the center of my universe. I love cat, dogs, crocheting and I love sewing, reading and writing.

I was born with an ASD & VSD heart complications, with Pulmonary Hypertension and Restrictive Lung Disease breathing problems from severe Scoliosis. I have had to use oxygen since I was 17 yrs old. Now I'm on it 24/7 while using a BiPap S/T (while sleeping), and born with only one kidney but I don't let that slow me down. It's not the length but the quality of life in the time of what I have left that's so important to me.

Now, if I can conquer the migraines... that would be a miracle come true!!! =o) I may not have kids of my own but I do like to borrow them when I feel up to it and then return them when they wear me out. I love kids.

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