Lisa Tomey


Writer Who Specializes in Content Editing, Ghostwriting, Memoirs, Freelance Writing, Articles and Blog Posts

Lisa Tomey has been writing ever since she took to the pencil, really getting a true taste at the age of 11 when she was inspired by her 6th grade teacher to keep participating in Creative Writing. Her class participated in an anthology of poetry and shared poetry in the various forms they had been studying.

While poetry is Lisa's favorite writing style, she has also written short stories, prose, memoirs, fiction and non-fiction. As a professional, she wrote plays for use in grade schools. She has also written many presentations and speeches for her work. Many years ago, Lisa was bitten by the puppetry bug and created puppets and wrote plays to present with her family at church and for herself to use in the local library. She is currently working on a book about creating puppet plays and including many of the plays she has written. As a college student, specializing in journalism, Lisa wrote for her college paper and illustrated her own and other's work. As you can see, writing has infiltrated about every facet of Lisa's life, early on.

Publications have included: Contributing Author to the former magazine The Tarheel, with the memoir "The Man Who Makes The Soldier," a dedication to her father CMSGT Max Tomey, USAF retired, who served on the USS North Carolina BB55. This followed an extensive interview with her father which was just before his struggle with Alzheimer's Disease.

Worship Resources-Allow the Spirit to Fill You, 2006-2006 Herald Publishing House, Contributing Author.

Ghostwriter for a book about Alzheimer's Disease, published in 2011

Various projects to include submission of blog and articles for a jewelry website, writing descriptions for the same site for internet promotions, articles and blurbs as a ghostwriter.

Lisa has also written several resumes, provided content editing services, reviewed many publications and provided consultation to other writers.