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Lee established ProCore Solutions in 2007 after gaining over 20 years of hands on experience, predominantly within the Pulp & Paper, Mining and Manufacturing Industries. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer by nature and profession, Lee applied every aspect of knowledge and experience he had gained throughout his fast-paced, successful career - resulting in a strong, engineering disciplined core focus to the business.

Lee joined Bridgewater Paper Mill as an Apprentice in 1987. Through a quick understanding and hard working ethical nature, Lee worked his way up through the ranks to become the Mill Operations Manager/Superintendent in 2002. Less than a year later, Lee's in-depth knowledge of Business Operations, Man Management Skills and Technically Astute background resulted in recording breaking Production reports of best day, week, month and year in 2003. After departing from Bridgewater in 2005, Lee's next venture was as a Mining Operations Manager at the Largest Salt Mine in the UK, after saying his goodbyes in 2007, he then created Procore Solutions and became a successful Franchise owner within Antal International.

In the present day as the Founder & Managing Director of Procore Solutions, Lee oversee's his fantastic team of highly trained intellectual Recruitment Professionals. His own primary area of expertise is, of course, in the Engineering Recruitment sector & Lee is always keen to build on our terrific reputation by consulting with new client’s looking for ideal candidates!

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