I've always been a creative, daydreamer. A lover of expressive art, whether that be sketching, designing or writing. My home is in Wales and that is where my heart shall always stay. A rural area surrounded by the coast. Beaches at my finger tips and a wonderful community to raise my two children in. Me and my husband run a local business here. Yes i'm a busy bee! Blowing the stresses of the day away is wonderful by walking amongst the enchanted forests or alongside the dappled rivers edge. they bring alive my childhood love of fairy tales and magic. over the years I have devoured the fantasy and paranormal genre. Like all readers, my hppy place is wrapped in the seductive arms of a novel and left devastated and transformed at the ending. My gift, some would say flaw, is the ability to keep dreaming about the characters. creating my own worlds and living within the realms of my desires. My writing bloomed a couple of years ago when i joined a writing group. I originally wanted to develop memoirs, but never found the experience as cathartic as id imagined. fantasy in contrast came easily, i enjoy the ability to explore through my characters, filtering in my personal experiences.
The encouragement and support from my fellow authors has enabled my reverie to be embellished upon pages. Of course the encouragement from my husband has been the biggest support. without his unwavering confidence in my abilities I would never have began. And so my new love affair started and I've never looked back.
You're all very welcome to join me.

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