Louise H

I have always loved reading and spent my late teens/early twenties reading Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings, Katherine Kerr, Mercedes Lackey, Julian May, Andre Norton and Marian Zimmer Bradley, to name but a few!
Whilst science fiction and fantasy are still my go-to genres, I now prefer that they feature a romance to. Whilst I am mainly a romance reader, I do enjoy the occasional thriller and murder mystery and I DON'T always require a HEA.
I read widely across the romance genre, with omegaverse, urban fantasy and science fiction being amongst my favourite sub-genres.
I beta read for several authors and arc read for quite a few authors. However my reviews are ALWAYS warts-and-all honest, since I myself use reviews to guide my book purchases.

'm mainly a romance reader, though I do enjoy the occasional thriller or murder mystery.