I'm quiet a person! My life goes really fast and this has made me fortunate to collect lots of experiences, memories that i believe i should share.
I believe in sharing truths, stories, anything we feel right to share ... sharing is powerful, it has brought me from Bukoba, Tanzania where i was born in 1995 to Enfield, England 2019 where i'm writing this blog from.
I define myself as a respectful, independent and humble individual.
I don't know how i got to run for President in a 24,000+ foreign community, how i'm surviving 3years away from my family.
I decided to write this blog to share the truth of my passion that got swiped away by an allegation of re-using a big, blue, beautiful poster.
As a politics student and raised by a dad whose a political intelligence strategist, MP and my mother who has an unending passion for law; i got here.
I've grown into this person whose becoming responsible to lots of People. The people who believe i could be President;including myself, my 50+ campaigning team members in my 2018 & 2019 presidential elections, the people i know and don't know but we connect somewhere on social media and anywhere else, who follow my moves keenly.
I disappeared weeks ago hiding from You but the guilt is too heavy and i feel responsible to respond to the "WHYs", "HOWs" and "Why didn't you APPEAL Lovelet."
You're the same people whom months ago and last year even, i shared my ideas and passions in response believed in me, rooted for me and voted for me. I can't walk away just like that...
This blog is inspired by YOU and my courage to tell my truth. But also, Wordpress gave me a few more tabs to add a few things i thought i should use.