Loveritas Creative Empowerment – LCE

Is an International creative studio bringing creative spark for the thought, innovation and inspiration to forward thinking professionals, businesses, artist and lifestyle brands.

Founded in 2010 by Creative Director Milena Loveritas, LCE works intuitively and on felt experiences of over 35 years, to pinpoint the most essential, potent quality with which to empower, guide and tell a unique story.
We act as both a creative and strategic resource to our client at every step of the process, aligning inspiration, bringing novelty, business objectives and visual story-telling into empowered and unique experience.

The online presence of LCE is a truly modern approach from a very established and internationally recognized veteran in Arts and Design, who uses website as an online portfolio righter than a website. Loveritas uses social media Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as a vehicle for showcasing and promoting not only their work, but the process itself on all levels of creating.

Specializing in: Art Direction, Style Identity, Color Strategy, Digital Presentation and Event/Workshop Co-Creation.



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