I am a female who is happily married to the man in charge of my life, our home, and our family. I love and respect him where he is the Head of our marriage and family. I submit to him and his authority willingly and happily.... Most of the time. ;)

We live a Domestic Discipline life.

I'm a working woman and we have a child. We are a "normal" family in every obvious way. The difference is i submit, happily and willingly, to my husband's authority and leadership, and i understand, accept, appreciate and welcome, the consequences of my actions when i don't show the respect that he has earned. That is the Discipline part.

In essence, I'm "Loving (my) Discipline Life".

This is the place that i log my adventures and disciplines and everything in between. Keep reading to find out more, if you are understanding of or wanting to know more (candid) information about my CONSENSUAL Discipline Life.