Lu santos

Welcome to my blog page!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Luana Santos, I am 31. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I came to Ireland three years ago to learn English. My very first experience was with an Irish/ English Family, that lived with in skerries, minding 2 lovely kids which I loved and stayed for two years. I had great fun and learned a lot with them. Now I’m living in Balbriggan sharing a house with a Polish lady and the place is quite good.
I work with health care in a nursing home at night shifts and I am now in my first year in BA-Art in Early Education, I’m already enjoying it. I’ve always wanted to do this course, but never had the chance. When I first arrived in Ireland I thought I would not make it, as it was too cold for me and I also had no English- at all. Those things do not affect me anymore, I feel like becoming a real Irish girl. 😂
Living away from home is not easy but I’m surviving and getting stronger everyday.
I am one of the 4 children my parents had.I have two nieces and two nephews which means the world to me. I’m always glad for all that I have - I am blessed. I really appreciate the opportunities I have today to study, to meet new people, new places and do the things I couldn’t before.

The reason I choose to study at Saint Nicholas, was because I heard that the college was nice and the courses was really good. I also spoke to someone who is studying in the college and she is really happy. So I decided to enroll in it, and I am happy I did!:)