I am beginning a new passion in creativity! I want to explore new interests, learn new things, challenge myself and venture down a new road! I love talking, sharing and meeting new people, so blogging feels like the right venue to meet new people all over the world! My journey for the last 27 years has been in my practice, Child and Youth Practitioner. I have been involved in group home settings, treatment centres, cooperative living programs, case management roles, schools and supports of my own clientele. I have exceptional case management skills, crisis management skills, suicidal protocols, managing conflict, managing friendships and the list goes on! My passion for helping others is what drives me in this journey. I am of the mindset that we should all be giving back to the communities we live in. I am always grateful for being able to make it to another day, to feel a smile or enjoy some laughter! We are here to be positively contagious to each other! It is so NICE to MEET you!

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