Luke Atkins

Dallas, TX & Boston, MA

GRAVATAR: Luke is a multi-award-winning young blogger & writer who discusses the arts, film, music, mental health, soccer, politics, current events, philosophy, and modern life. His first comment was that his "number one passion" is Real Madrid. His favorite musical genres are indie and electronic, but ironically his favorite artists are Kanye West, Frank Ocean, & "OG-TPAB Kendrick Lamar." His favorite films are Lost in Translation, Spirited Away, Pan's Labyrinth, & Pulp Fiction. His most cherished things are his cats, "Big Brown and Satan—mainly Big Brown." His role models are Joaquin Phoenix, Bobby Fischer, Christopher Hitchens, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, & David Foster Wallace. Like Wallace, he began writing his first novel at age 20 and will publish it in the summer of 2018. He finally added: "Rooney Mara, if my blog ever gets to a point where even you see this, please date me."