A hooded cloak hides grotesque disfigurement, midnight skin and lethal fangs, but no mantle can conceal the malice, rage and jealousy exuding from their very presence. These are the Alboriths, rulers of Albora and the humans infamous enemies. They take innocent life in order to retain the treaty between them and the humans, a treaty secretly broken long ago.

Zahara knows the Alboriths have to take a life, but when they choose her little sister, Lilly, as the yearly sacrifice, she goes mad, fighting with everything she has, even as her friends and neighbors stand idly by. When they take Lilly, Zahara decides to pursue.

Order has a new name and chaos will no longer be her master, but to change the fate of all humanity will ultimately result in the breaking of the covenant between the two species. Zahara is willing to destroy it, to allow turmoil to once again rule the human’s lives. The Alboriths already killed her parents, she will not allow them to take Lilly too.

This is a story of adventure, sacrifice, redemption and love in a world where love has been lost and compassion is a thing of the past.

Will the fate of all that is truly good be able to overtake the Father’s of evil?