Mystic MC is foundation / international reggae and dancehall music artist, writer, composer and executive producer of Sky Records in Denmark. No bad vibes he is the President of universal soundsystem.
During the last 10 years Universal Sound has toured most of Denmark and the world. Universal has played practically every club in Copenhagen, venues like Loppen, Vega, Rust, Pumpehuset, Grå hal, Stengade 30, Ungdomshuset, RAW, The Rock, Roskilde festival etc.
Universal Sound is not only to be found in Copenhagen. They have also played in citys like Berlin, Hamburg, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Belgrade, Århus and many other venues all over Denmark. They are also well known for throwing the legendary Splash bashments in Basement. Universal has played longside people like Eek A Mouse(JA)Gentleman (GER) Rebellion, Ohoi (DK) Ill Inspecta (GER), Bliglad (DK) Turbulace (JAM) Jah Mason (JAM), Junior Kelly (JAM) Silly Walks (GER) Safari Sound (S) Komposti (FIN), Trinity Sound (S), Stone Love (JAM) Demarco (JAM) ,Deadly Hunter(UK), Ward 21(JA), Cecile(JA), Jah Bobby(DK), Djosos Krost(DK), Sky Juice Sound(DK), Rubadub Crew(DK), Universal Strugglaz(GER) etc….
The unstoppable artist and record producer is moving beyond borders with his positive force. His music journey and mission is all about peace , love and unity for one and all regardless of race, creed or color .


Mystic MCs civile navn er Kristoffer Coker, men han er på den internationale reggaescene kendt under kunstnernavnet Mystic MC.
Han er Danmarks mest internationalt tourende reggae-artist med en stadig voksende liste af liveshows i U.S.A, England, Ghana, Østrig, Tyskland, Italien, Island,Sverige, Norge, Tjekkiet, Slovakiet, Ungarn, Polen, Skotland, Irland, Belgien, Serbien, Senegal, Canada, Gambia.

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