Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks is a 31 year old single father, living in Southern California. Although Matt has held many positions, his favorite by far has been that of ‘Daddy'. Presently, he works as an Emergency Medical Technician for a private corporation and has aspirations of becoming a Paramedic.

In the past, Matt was a writer for a popular Right-wing news blog but in mid 2017 decided to leave due to the demands of his regular job. In recent months, Matt has started writing again. This time for two new blogs, both of which he is the creator.

His first blog, “The Mads’ Dad Blog: Manly Thoughts on Raising a Daughter”, focuses on the unique challenges fathers face while raising children (specifically daughters) in modern society. The other, “One Blog Post Away From Losing It”, centers around Matt’s journey to lose body fat and the random things that pop into his mind while doing so.

Soon, Matt plans to release a self published children's book dedicated to his daughter, Madison.