Maggie Ruch

Maggie is a mom, student, and Uber driver who has written since she first snuck her brother’s elementary school handwriting guides out of his bedroom and started teaching herself to write. As a child, her nickname was “Maggie Motormouth” it was as if the words just wouldn’t stop. They have never stopped. From about six or seven, she wrote plays and directed the neighborhood kids. As a young adult, she filled notebooks of poetry and about a dozen screenplays by the time she was sixteen. As an adult her business as a virtual assistant gave her the opportunity to ghostwrite for many clients, as well as editing and promoting self-published works (with positive ROI). She now writes for fun, healing, and out of a curiosity about how life and the mind work; as well as the relationship between the Self and the divine.
Maggie began meditating when she was sixteen and has been involved in some form of energy therapy and/or self-development ever since. She is currently pursuing a degree in mental health where her intention is to combine energy work with traditional psychotherapy to alleviate suffering of the mind. Her poetry speaks of this suffering and her quest to see it surrendered. She has published four books, two on poetry, one children’s book based on science of mind teachings, and a handbook for self-published authors on using a book trailer.

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