Maggi McKerron

Chiang Dao, Thailand

Slightly before my 60th birthday I realised I had made no plans for my old age, and did not have any money put aside for it either. Thailand was my home, but no government pensions available, so what could I do that I would enjoy, which would also bring in a bit of money to live by. I decided to buy some land with my last few pennies, and go to the UK for a few years and earn some money, and save every penny I could. I bought a fantastic piece of land in Chiang Dao, northern Thailand, and spent several years in the UK saving like mad.
While in the UK I focused on what to do with the land, and decided a small B&B would be perfect. But I would not be able to afford a conventional building - unless I wanted to stay in the UK for a great many years - so I began to think about building with natural materials. I went on several workshops and I was sold! If I won the lottery tomorrow I would still be building with natural materials!
I left the UK November 2012 and have been in Chiang Dao ever since, and I am building the most amazing domes with colourful local workers and wonderful volunteers. This Blog tells the story of how we built the Chiang Dao Roundhouses B&B.

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