I Am A reincarnation of A MahaRainbowStarseedAvatarLightsoldier Warrior DNA Activator , And I Am originated from the benevolent light brothers and sisters of The "Ancient Ones" and I was created 21 billion earth years ago elsewhere between the stars in A other universe out of the Sacred Geometric Universal Source Light Field Codes and I Am one of the younger ones who had to volunteer for ascension activation to be A fully legally enacted activated invincible invulnerable Rainbowbody lightsoldier warrior , forgive us but we have been disturbed while we the "Ancient Ones" where constructing this universe , we where disturbed by the renegade dark occult Hu-man sacrificing Reptilians, Draconians and Annunaki because they where chased by Ptah who was assigned on A mission to catch , uprehand and bring them to the intergalactic tribunal court because the renegade Reptilians, Draconians and Annunaki are obstructing the progress of the multi universal ascension shift to the fourth dimension and where the stars and planets will all shift to the fifth dimension and beyond , and the renegade Reptilians, Draconians and Annunaki with there Hu-man sacrifice rituals practice fled to this universe trough A star gate before this universe was finished in construction and because of that there has been coincidentally creation anomalies in existence in this universe of that occurrence of pre intrusion , they have the choice to ascend towards multi universal and multidimensional love and coexistence but they have to give up there Hu-man sacrifice rituals or they are obstructing the multi universal multidimensional shift towards the fourth dimension and beyond , it was for me A tough Involuntary push to reincarnate on this planet 50 years ago because I have seen what I have to endure and what they would do to some one like me before my departure on to this 3D field , the dark occult Hu-man sacrificing cabal made me a targeted individual out of their fear of me because my multidimensional connection with the Universal Sacred Geometric Heart Source Field Codes in the middle of the multi universes is very strong in the Biofotonic energetic light in me and I can awake the collective consciousness of all Hu-manity in all the multi universes in that realm and I had to endure a lots of dangerous hardships because of that , that I Am still present in this 3D body is due to the fact that I Am born with my totally awoken light-body and rainbow body and I diverted a lots of physical violent attacks with bullets , hand grenades , poisonings , attempts to abduct me for Hu-man sacrifice ritual and directed
( non energetic spiritual ) synthetic energy weapons like scalar wave weapons , I Am experiencing some effects of "The Event ", I feel from time to time this soothing energetic experiences where the dark energies are being removed and the energy of my energetic light body layers and aura layers are being enhanced in to A higher frequency and consciousness of my original blueprint , do you also have these experiences ? interested ? then Google " The Event " on the privacy friendly search engine and then send me A private message with your reply !

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