I Am A reincarnation of A lightsoldier from the galactic light federation of sovereign planets , it was A tough decision to reincarnate on this planet 50 years ago , the dark cabal made me a targeted individual and I had to endure a lot of dangerous hardship , that I Am still present in this body is due to the fact I awoke my lightbody and rainbowbody and diverted a lots of physical violent attacks with bullets , grenades , poisonings and directed
( non energetic spiritual ) energy weapons , I Am experiencing some effects of "The Event ", from time to time i feel this soothing energetic experiences where the dark energies are being removed and the energy of my chakra's , nadi's , energetic body layers and aura layers are being enhanced in to A higher frequency , do you also have these experiences ? interested ? then Google " The Event " on and then send me A private message

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